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a good weekend... followed by monday...?

the start of another week... but at least I had a good weekend for once (no offence HC, I loved you!) My weekend was filled with nothing but carl... my parents went away from friday to sunday. People came over saturday night but it was still fun. Except it seemed like a few only were there so I could find them p.o.t... but whatever. I didn't, so they got theirs... or didn't... haha.

blah, I just hope this week goes by fast. Prom's on friday I hope everyone's ready for it. I really don't want to go, I considered just not buying tickets today, but then I jumped on the bandwagon and it took me away. Another $85 gone. That goes along with the $230 I spent this weekend on and dave matthews band tickets. At least I have the comfort of knowing that people owe me alot of money now.

Does anyone know any good websites for prom hair-do's? Cause I have no idea what I'm gonna do... except I'm gonna change the color, that should be fun.
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