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Today... is ok.

yes yes... I know this statement is a bold one, being it monday and all and my negativity tells me that all mondays should be depressing and stuff. However, today I feel uplifted and awake, maybe because I had a good weekend. I learned this new song, Carl sang it to me:

"Drip, drip goes the bitch and I know it's fine.
Drip, drip goes the bitch and I know she's mine.

God, that's so sweet, isn't it? Love is blissful

yesterday me, carl and mal and others had fun, and the day before that I had the most fun I've had in a long long time. not just because I was a little drunk and a lot high, but because I was with all of my good friends and we weren't worried about anything for once. We also had a berry blunt and that was nice until I burnt the shit outta my mouth under my tounge and all. Friday night was fun too. We went to a chinese buffet in brookhaven (I think)and we told the waitress it was Matt Scheier's birthday. Over the loud speaker they started playing happy birthday and they played it like 4 times, 2 english, 2 chinese. He was so mortally embarrassed. Life is good right now, I hope the rest of the week keeps up.

we have a three day weekend comming up!!
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