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Blah... a tuesday

today is tuesday and that would suck except carl may come down and see me today, yippie! and my parents are letting us have the house to ourselves this weekend starting friday night, so that's exciting. I have work on saturday... but that can be worked around. My mom would rather me stay in the house alone with carl than have me go out and get "hit by a car" or something. I can't wait to start taking pictures for photography, either. I want to go to the park and take pictures of moss on rocks and whatnot. I hope it's not too early in the year. The naked thing is way over done now though, it seems. And the [look away from the camera and very serous] has been used too much also. If I take any nudie pitures it'd be of both of us... or just carl. that's another thing to be excited about. so I guess today isn't that bad... it's tuesday, but keep your head up, you!

I hope everyone's doing ok after the tragity of that young girl. It makes me really sad, and kind of sick. I just hope that it doesn't coninue or become a trend in middle school now. I wasn't worried about that in the high school after Frankie, but middle school is different. I just wish those kids could know just how permanent death is, because sometimes I don't beleive they do. In anyway, I hope that everyone's greiving is accompanied and put to rest by another's love.

Have a good day everyone, be happy : )
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