Erika (4silverbeetle2) wrote,


first off, to everyone that defended me, thank you I really appreciate people who ACTUALLY know me sticking up for me.

As for the anonymous assholes -- NONE of you have any clue about me and Carl and how we feel about eachother not like I have anything to prove to you, but if Carl didn't love me would he really ride 2 busses and a trolly by himself to come see me? Or ride a bike a few miles from newtown to my house every day in the summer? No, I din't think so. Obvously, if you think sex is wrong, you have no idea what love is. Sex, is not love, and love is not sex, they are two different things but they CAN go together if the couple is mature and in love, as we are. I don't give a fuck what you think about me sneeking him into the house, I think it's extremely romantic to rush someone upstairs so I can cuddle with him under red lights and soft music. Hahahaha. So when you grow some balls to come and give me your opinion, maybe I'll consider it. Until then, stay in your world.

I didn't even end up sneaking him in in the end anyway... and why does everyone always bitch (anonymously) when I write in here?
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