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uh... a new day...?

I'm going into ud today after school to hang out with laura ect. Should be fun, I'm gonna do some spending... and I finally found someone who'll buy my diskman off of me. AND... it's already wednsday! Tomorrow morning will suck, ruining my thursdays from now until whenever my mom decides that it's her that's crazy and not me...

I'm so glad to be getting back to normal again. My life is begining to get easier now... and I just need to continue what I'm doing. I'm happy with the people I'm with... a few in particular :) and I think things can only get better. There's really nothing else that can happen bad... it's already passed

I had a dream saturday night that really sucked, I woke up crying on an already tear-stained pillow... proving that I cried in my sleep too. But as I said, I'm happier now with what I have and things are unfolding well again.

I hope everyone else is doing ok too... mal and jess both here today for lunch?! Better be I'm going through withdrawl of you mal... I know you're here... watch jess disapear.
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