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yes... ok.

So, today was a good day.

6:03 -- woke up

6:45 -- arrived at school for 'trebel makers' rehersal such as every tuesday and thrusday goes... no one was there... didn't start till 7... it's ok because I had coffe and yogert
with me. yummie...

7:30 -- entered audion a, and started AP music theory test.

10:50ish -- finished ap test... and went to lunch and finished the rest of the day

3:10 -- arrived home, went out on front lawn with blanket, cd player, school bag, and harry on a rope

5:30ish -- my dad comes home... so I went back inside and decided on dinner... only ate some of it though.

6:30ish -- called carl back... talked for a little... he had a wonderful day too!

8:15ish -- got off of the phone... and took a shower...

NOW 8:36 -- carl just called me right now... go figure... haha goodbye.
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